Fleet Management

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The Transport Management module delivers full management of fleet. This module includes management of driver information, vehicle details, vehicle insurance, fuel consumption, servicing, requisitions or vehicle bookings, issuing and returning of vehicles.

Vehicle details management

Transport -Vehicle Register
Transport -Vehicle Register

Capture vehicle details, calculate straight-line depreciation, monitor returning of a vehicle if booked, capture safety features, body style, luxury features, attach documentation e.g. copy of insurance and log book etc.

The vehicle details card captures:

  • Vehicle general details
  • Ownership details
  • Mileage
  • Depreciation calculation
  • Vehicle Bookings
  • Vehicle Features
  • Uploaded Documents
  • Vehicle Parts
  • Trade information

Vehicle insurance

This sub-module enables users to record details of insurance companies, and capture information regarding the insurance of vehicles.

Fuel consumption

Transport - Fuel Consumption Register
Transport – Fuel Consumption Register

This sub-module enables a user to record fuel consumption and vehicle mileage from time to time. Fueling history is stored in the system for future reference.

Vehicle servicing

This sub-module enables a user to record all vehicle services and service cost from time to time.

Vehicle bookings/hire

Users can request for transport specifying their destination and the number of people traveling, including the dates and times of travel and return.

Issuing and returning of vehicles

Booked vehicles can be issued and returned by an administrator. When booking, a driver is assigned and mileage can be recorded.

Driver information

Driver information management module is related to the Human Resource Management Module.

Staff Members
Transport – Staff Members

The driver data card captures: –

  • General details (Names, driver’s license etc.)
  • Contacts
  • Background information
  • Next of kin
  • Specialization
  • Training
  • Medical data
  • Itax
  • Notes
  • Custom Information
  • Documents
  • Separation Details
  • Job Details

The system allows an administrator to print member cards/ staff cards