Point Of Sale

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Use the Point of sale module to manage sales of stock items. The point of sale can work for a Pharmacy, Restaurant, Hardware store, Stationery Shop, an  Electronics shop etc.

Restaurant Point Of Sale

  • Set up to 11 programmable menu tabs (Categories).
  • Set up to 385 programmable menu items.
  • Ability to post orders and view real-time incoming orders
  • Ability to serve orders, recall orders, receive payments and print receipts.
  • Can be used on a touchscreen computer.
  • Ability to print daily reports filtered by dates, date range, months, month range and years, years range.

The videos below demonstrate how the Point of sale module works:

Management of  Customer information

Easily manage customer information. If you are having returning customers or members, this is the best place to store their information. Customers can be both individuals or organizations

Management of  Menus

You can create several menu items either from your available stock or you can just click on any of the empty boxes and enter the details as shown below:

You can change the background and the text font color of each menu item as you wish by clicking on the “Menu Color” box or the “Menu Item Text Color” Box.


POS Daily Reports

The system allows authorized users to generate Daily reports using a report filter.  Reports can be filtered by Date, Date Range, Month, Moth Range and Year or Year Range. You can also choose to show order numbers on the report, to group Identical Items, to show only the items sold, or to show transaction dates.