Library Management

The Library Management module has the following functionalities:

  • Manage Library Subjects
  • Manage Suppliers, Authors, Publishers, Online Resources and Media Types.
  • Manage Titles
  • Manage individual library items – generate barcodes, QR codes, and accession numbers
  • Manage Library Membership, Staff Information, and Student Information
  • Perform Transactions (Hold Items, Issue Items, Reserve Items, Return Issued Items, Manage Fine and collect fine payments)

library reports

Some of the basic reports available include:

  1. Borrowing History – Lists the borrowing history of a member.
  2. Dormant Items – Displays a list of items that have never been borrowed.
  3. Items by popularity – Lists Items by the number of times borrowed.
  4. Items in library – Lists the items that are in the library.
  5. Items issued out – Lists Items that have been issued out.
  6. Library Member Statement – Lists the payments made by a member and the balances.
  7. Membership expiration – Lists members and their expiry dates.
  8. Subjects List – Lists all the subjects in the library.