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The Transport Management module delivers full management of fleet. This module includes management of driver information, vehicle details, vehicle insurance, fuel consumption, servicing, requisitions or vehicle bookings, issuing and returning of vehicles. Vehicle details management Capture vehicle details, calculate straight-line depreciation, monitor returning of a vehicle if booked, capture safetyRead More →

A survey is a research method used for collecting data from selected individuals or group of respondents in order to obtain certain specific information and insights on pre-defined  subjects of interest. Surveys have many purposes and can be carried out in different ways depending the target audience and the objectivesRead More →

Use the Point of sale module to manage sales of stock items. The point of sale can work for a Pharmacy, Restaurant, Hardware store, Stationery Shop, an  Electronics shop etc. Restaurant Point Of Sale Set up to 11 programmable menu tabs (Categories). Set up to 385 programmable menu items. Ability toRead More →

The Payroll Module contains the following functionalities: Manage Bank Details, Employee Relief Setup, Housing Relief Setup, Non- Cash Benefit Setup, NSSF Setup, PAYE Setup, Payroll Period Management, General Payroll Setup, Employees List Management and Payroll Processing Management The Videos below demonstrate how the Payroll Module works: PAYROLL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (BI)Read More →

The Library Management Software module has the following functionalities: Manage Library Subjects Manage Suppliers, Authors, Publishers, Online Resources and Media Types. Manage Titles Manage individual library items – generate bar-codes, QR codes, and accession numbers Manage Library Membership, Staff Information, and Student Information Perform Transactions (Hold Items, Issue Items, ReserveRead More → domain has Good Extension: .net is an established extension Highly Searched: holiday wishes receives over 3,600 searches per month on Google® Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $3 per click to advertise under holiday wishes  Keywords : Holiday Wishes. Monthly Searches 18,100 Cost per Click $3.45 This website can be used : As aRead More →